Flooring Design Tips

Flooring Design TipsTip #1: If you’re laying tile flooring and want to make the room look bigger, use larger sized tiles (18 x 18 or larger) and lay them on a 45 degree angle (diamond pattern). What this does is draw your eye to the two widest points of each tile, giving your flooring the illusion of a larger space. And the larger sized tiles have less grout lines to look at so your flooring doesn’t look as ‘busy’ across your a larger area as say a 12 x 12 would.

Just keep in mind installing tile on a 45 uses more tile because there are more cuts to be made.

Tip #2: If you want a clean, contemporary look, ask your installer to use the narrowest grout lines possible, either a 1/8 or 3/16 and for natural stone 1/16. Larger grout lines give a more rustic, earthy look. And higher gloss (polished) tiles are contemporary whereas heavily grooved and rough give an aged, worn look.

Tip #3: To give your flooring another illusionary trick, lighter colors give the room a more spacious feel while darker colors

How Bad Is Wood Veneer on Furniture

How Bad Is Wood Veneer on FurnitureThere is a common belief that furniture made with veneer is something to avoid, and that solid wood is always better. Veneer means a thin layer of wood glued down to other wooden boards. Cabinet makers will say that factors of thickness, workmanship and condition determine whether veneering is good or bad.

Veneer is not a modern invention. Thousands of years ago, fabulous veneer work in ebony and ivory was put into King Tut’s tomb in Egypt. Veneer techniques in the Renaissance became very sophisticated, using tiny pieces of exotic woods and burl grain to create intricate designs or lavish scenes, called marquetry or intarsia work. Much of the finest royal furniture for hundreds of years employed lavish veneer construction, using the finest species of wood and tiny pieces of burl or exotic grain.

Another reason for veneer is “matching,” or making the right and left grain mirror images of each other, like pages of a book. There is also quarter matching and pie-shaped or sunburst matching for dazzling special effects in wood.

Cabinetmakers have always sought boards with especially beautiful

Tips To Do Basic Garage Door Repair

Tips To Do Basic Garage Door RepairFor all those with a car or other vehicle, garage door repair is a common problem. If you own a car, you may want to make sure your garage is in good working condition. Moreover, you may not want to call a professional in case your garage door needs minor repairs. Below are a few tips that can help you carry out minor repairs.

Metal tracks

Check the door openers to make sure they are not loose. But if they are, you should go ahead and tighten all the loose screws and bolts. However, if the metal tracks are too damaged, you may want to replace them.

Alignment of the openers

The door openers have to be properly aligned. Make sure both of the tracks are at the equal height on the walls of the garage. For fixing the misaligned tracks, you should loosen the door bolts and then move the tracks into the right position with great care. Once you are done, don’t forget to tighten each bolt once again.

Remove the dirt

Make sure you clear

Benefits of Box Sash Windows

Like any part of home improvement, buying new windows is neither simple nor is it cheap. But with a little research, you can avoid overspending whilst also making sure you buy windows which will improve the look of your house, as well as reducing your heating bills. In this case, we’re looking at box sash windows. So, what’s all the fuss about?

There are a number of benefits to box sash windows. Here’s a few of them in detail:

  • Unlike traditional windows which deteriorate over time, box sash windows eliminate virtually all draughts. This is important not only in the cold window months, but throughout the year, as eliminating draughts also cancels a great deal of noise. Which leads us to…
  • Sash windows cancel out a good deal of noise. Even if you live on a main road, it’s likely that you won’t be overly affected by the noise outside from cars and passersby.
  • Sash windows save a great deal of energy, keeping bills down. Moreover, modern uPVC sash windows are much easier to open than old models. One of the biggest complaint about earlier models was that they became difficult to open over time. This problem has more or less disappeared with improvements

Transform Your Home With Oakville Windows and Doors Into a New Place to Live!

Although upgrading or replacing windows and doors seems to be quite daunting and time consuming, the benefits are actually beyond your expectations. Apart from enhancing curb appeal, new Oakville windows and doors are capable of increasing comfort, making the rooms brighter, ensuring safety and reducing energy consumption that results in low energy bills.


So, it is necessary to keep a check over their performance and hire a professional replacement company when they start to create problems. Let’s now have a brief look on this page’s content that shows how your decision can affect the home and allow you to be satisfied with whatever selection you have made:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Most of the old homes have single-pane windows that often freeze open or close and create issues for the inhabitants. With increasing energy cost, it is necessary to upgrade Oakville windows and doors so that they can maintain comfortable environment in the home. The components are provided with low e-coating and argon gas filled between the panes that create an insulating layer to avoid air from escaping the rooms.
  • Noise reduction: While living near a school,

What To Do if Air Conditioner Is Not Working

Getting good quality air conditioner is difficult to find since you don’t have any idea what kinds of product which may suit your need at home or your office. And also the very important thing is it has to be qualified for good air conditioning product. First, you may have to know the specification of the product that you will choose and buy, it will be easy if you know which is good or not. But it not only deals with which one qualifies you or not, you also have to know what kinds of product that will guarantee you in every kinds of broken or damage.

But what if you already have bought one at home and now it’s broken. It is not working as normal and you don’t know what to do. You may not have any choice to call central Air Conditioner service for troubleshooting and repairs.

Save your energy and your money before you call the service center. You can do a troubleshooting checking before decide to repair it by calling a technician. First, you need to check the matter and identify the problem whether it really doesn’t work at all, or your Air Conditioning Tempe doesn’t

Do It Yourself Home Decor Made easy

Most people think that redecorating their homes should be left up to the professionals and their highly expensive salaries in order for the project to be done right or look good. Please believe me when I say that its simply not true. Homeowners don’t need to have a remodel job straight out of the magazines. Any ambitious do it yourselfer can have a room looking sleek and chic for under $1,000. Remodeling with a budget in mind saves money, but also increases the value of your home.

Another cost effective way to remodel a room according to most is wallpaper instead of paint, wallpapering con suit anyone’s need and budget, setting a mood and adding elegance to a room. Choosing the right wallpaper can make a room appear larger or smaller, providing an illusion of height for a room with low ceilings. Wallpapering can also add a design and pattern that is difficult to replicate with paint. The average cost of a single roll of wall covering is about $12.

Actually, you would be surprised at all of the inexpensive but beautiful things you can find at your local Wall- Mart. My wife and I decorated

Tips To Creating A Fake Fireplace

There is a certain appeal that comes from having your very own fireplace. Just because you cannot install a real fireplace into your lounge room does not mean that you cannot have one at all. If you are willing to spend a little time and effort you can create your own fireplace.

People like having a fireplace for various reasons. Some like the perception of grandeur or style that they think it brings to their house, others like to use it as a focal or decorating point, while others see it as simply as a way of heating their home during the winter chills.

Whatever your reason for wanting a fireplace, you may not necessarily be able to have the real thing. If you don’t own the property you have no say in what goes in and are stuck with whatever’s already there. Sometimes all it takes is a little thinking outside the square to create a room for everyone to admire.

There are two ways of looking at fake fireplaces, those with fake fires in them and those that have the mantle and surround only with no fire. Either situation is acceptable style wise,

Benefits Of Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sink is perhaps the best option when it comes to designing or remodeling a kitchen. Here are the benefits of having stainless kitchen sinks:

  1. Stainless steel is relatively lightweight as compared to other materials. They are available in varying sizes and thicknesses, so their weights vary accordingly. The weight of stainless steel sinks is usually dependent on the gauge of the steel. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the steel. Homeowners commonly choose gauge numbers 18 and 20. Thinner stainless steel thinks (gauge 20 or higher) usually dent and scratch easily, so it might not be highly recommended.
  2. Stainless steel sinks are relatively easy to clean and they tend to stay looking new for a longer period of time as long as they are cared for properly. You would not have to worry about leaving orange juice stains overnight, as it can easily be cleaned the following day. Stains can cause dulling and scratching however, so it is still best to wipe debris and spills as soon as possible. Putting rubber or plastic mats in the sink can protect it from scratches and protect its shiny surface.
  3. There are lots of durable and beautiful stainless steel

Bathroom Plumbing

Have been thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Wondering if it’s a project you can handle yourself? Why not start with DIY bathroom plumbing and before you know it you’ll be redoing the entire bathroom all by yourself.

You’ve got to start with a plan. What is it you want to do with your bathroom? DO you want to complete strip it out? Change out the fixtures? Or do you want to give it just a partial facelift? Once you decide you need to move fore ward to budget. For this article lets assume you are going to redo the entire bathroom from top to bottom.

A budget of $4000 wouldn’t be unrealistic. Here’s a rough list of what you might need to buy. Realize that the investment of $4000 is going to increase the value of your home substantially more.

Shower kit and door $800

Tub $450

Shower faucet $200

Vanity & Top $800

Faucet for Vanity $100

Toilet $200

Water Resistant Drywall $50

Floor Tile $200

Grout $20

Pre-hung door $80

Light Fixture $100

Mirror $100

Paint and Wallpaper $100


Tile Floor Tips For Your Basement

Refinishing or refurbishing your basement is a big job that can be costly and challenging. But gaining the added living space is often valuable enough to warrant the effort. One of the most important parts of redoing your basement is the floor. Whether you are working with a concrete or wooden floor, you may want to consider another type of flooring that will prove more durable and easy to clean. When you are giving thought to which choice will work best for your home, consider the following information with respect to a file floor for your basement.

1. A tile floor is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of flooring. Depending on the grade and style you buy, you might be able to get the peel-and-stick brand that you can lay down yourself instead of hiring it done. This will suit not only your wallet but your schedule, since it can be done in stages, as you have the time, and perhaps with the help of a friend or family member. Of course, you can get the more costly styles, and pay more, for a richer or more polished look, depending on your plans for the basement’s

How To Select Scraped

Hand-scraped and Distressed hardwood floors are becoming a popular choice in today’s upscale homes and commercial buildings. These floors are a newer trend but are rooted in history. Before today’s modern sanding methods, floors were hand scraped on site to make the floors flat. Today’s hand scraping is done to add texture, richness and uniqueness.

Distressed hardwood flooring is done by machine or by hand. In an effort to reduce high labor costs, manufacturers have created machine-made distressed/scraped looking floors. These are cheaper imitations of the real thing. The problem with machine distressing is repetition of the pattern. As you look across the floor you see the same pattern repeating across the floor. This lacks a natural feel to the floor.

True hand scraped is exactly that – done by hand. When properly done this method creates a truly unique floor. These floors differ greatly in the amount of the texture added to the floor and the skill of the person scraping the floor.

Some manufacturers are just denting, scooping, or roughing the floor. Others are sanding the floor unevenly to create a worn look. Still others are scraping the entire surface of the flooring

How To Choose Wood Floor Underlay

Summary: What you need to know about underlay for timber flooring, and how to choose the best type for your area.

Isn’t underlay for carpets?

The answer to this question is yes, it is for carpets, but you will also need to add underlay to your flooring project if you are to install a floating floor. A floating floor is a wooden floor that is not affixed to the floor below. Whether it’s solid timber flooring or engineered timber flooring, underlay is needed for cushioning of the wood… but there are many more factors more factors than just that. Let’s have a look at what you’ll need to consider when selecting your underlay.

Sound insulation

Some types of underlay are excellent at absorbing sound. This is particularly important to consider if the wooden flooring is on a second or third floor – making noises heard overhead for those below. This is also a consideration in a large open space, the sounds of the floor will reverberate around the area.

If this is an important factor, look for underlay with advanced sound proofing properties.


Density affects how much the underlay

Storage Ideas For Your Bedroom

Getting Started

Finding places to put that stuff you’ve had lying around in your room forever can be quite difficult, especially if your go-to storage spaces are also filled up with clutter. We advise you to turn to the underneath of your bed – a dark, (potentially) dangerous place where possessions are hastily shoved and countless small items are lost. It’s a place that you don’t dare go because of what you might encounter, but you can’t help but wonder exactly what is under there. Old toys, games, pictures from years ago that you forgot you even had. Underneath your bed can be the most vital element to keeping your room tidy, and you don’t even know it.

Underbed Storage

Underbed storage is something almost everybody has, yet does practically nothing with. Underneath your bed is destined to be the home of long forgotten stuff, if you’re happy with such detrimental storage issues, that is. You can make use of that untapped potential for a tidy floor with ease, all it needs is a little time.

You can get large plastic containers for hardly any money, with small wheels and clippable lids that are

Creative Teen Furniture Ideas

If you are a parent you know how crazy the teenage years can be for both parents and children. There is a lot of thought and care that needs to go into raising teens. You should also put careful consideration into what kind of teen furniture they have in their room. There are a ton of different possibilities, you just need to find out what works best for your child or children. The first question you need to ask yourself is how many children do you have. Once you answer this question you will be able to make an informed furniture choice.

If you only have one child you could start by getting them a cool collapsible closet. This type of closet comes with individual racks and shelves that your little one can use for virtually anything. The best thing about it is they can easily pick it up and move it. It doesn’t matter where they place it, moving it to another corner of the room is as easy as can be. Plus, their friends are going to be amazed at how cool their closet is when compared to the boring closet they may have at

Modern Coffee Tables

Anyone can buy a coffee table. But, next time you’re in the market for a coffee table for your contemporary home, consider purchasing a piece that will do more than hold your magazines and the television remote. There are some wonderful modern coffee tables available that really make a statement in your living room. You may find them to be both functional and your favorite conversation piece.

Consider, for example, the Japanese style coffee table. From a beautiful Tribeca style, with its contoured glass top and wooden legs, to more traditional Japanese coffee tables that are very low to the ground and come with solid bases in very dark colors, Japanese style modern coffee tables offer style and grace with beautiful modern designs.

Another great style choice in modern coffee tables is the original Marcel Breuer style, with its silver metal legs and simple black top. His coffee table with attached nesting table design is especially noteworthy. Most famous as a designer of monuments, Breuer’s furniture styles are in great demand.

Consider, also, Curvet’s designs in modern coffee tables. His style offers a wide range of choices, including a large coffee table called the “Big

Tips for Choosing Log Furniture

If you just love that rustic look, and are finally ready to finally buy log furniture for your home, there are a number of “rules of thumb” that can help you in making good choices.

Begin by considering the overall style of your home. Do you have a log home that is overwhelmingly rustic? Or are you seeking to add a rustic touch to one or more rooms of a more conventional home?

Size is Everything

Homes that feature large logs, spacious ceilings or are roomy in general require a different flavor of rustic furniture than their more conventional counterparts. If large logs make up the walls of your room, or you have a fireplace made from monster rocks from Montana, you’ll need a massive log look for your furniture as well. Otherwise, your log furniture will seem dwarfed and insignificant.

Even if the home for your log furniture is a cabin with 8-inch logs, a few large pieces of furniture will look better than many small ones. Larger furniture makes a room feel full without being cluttered.

If your bedroom has a high cathedral ceiling, a log canopy bed can help fill

Finishes on Antique Wood Furniture

Many different finishes have been used to beautify and protect wood furniture through the centuries. Many historically authentic finishes were high maintenance, labor intensive, and not very durable, so the trend has been to more impervious and enduring finishes suitable for everyday living.

Simple wax finishes have been used for many years, especially on rustic or country pine furnishings because of its soft and satiny look. Wax is easily restored or brightened with a new application, damaged or dull spots are easy to blend. A disadvantage is that wax finishes can spot and stain easily from water, alcohol and cosmetics.

Oil finishes have also been used for hundreds of years. These penetrating oils are easy for amateurs to use because they are simply wiped or brushed onto the wood, allowed to sink in, and wiped dry. This process is repeated many times, until the desired sheen is developed. A disadvantage is that the finish may gradually dry out, requiring repeated applications, sometimes for years to maintain an even sheen. While not particularly durable, if there is damage, it is simple to add more oil and it blends in nicely.

Natural shellac was a very popular

To Refinish or Not to Refinish

That is the question, as Shakespeare’s Hamlet might have said. Collectors and experts have debated the question for many years. The popular PBS “Antiques Roadshow” has brought wonderful attention to the world of antiques – explaining valuation, condition, fakes and discouraging the damage done by overzealous amateur cleaning and refinishing. Unfortunately, this has discouraged many people from doing any restoration or even cleaning antique furniture. The answer will never be settled definitively, but there is a great deal of difference between refinishing your grandmother’s 1900’s oak buffet with green paint and a few plant stains, and refinishing a Chippendale chest from the 1700’s that still has its original finish. Refinishing usually makes sense except in cases of great rarity and truly original historic condition.

If a piece is genuine Chippendale or Georgian and is 250 years old and in exceptional original condition, it will be worth much more than its
numerous refinished cousins. A serious collector may pay much more for an original finish that may appear far less attractive to the rest of

Most individuals who just buy nice antiques to use and enjoy would prefer an attractive finish that is in excellent condition,

Living Room Furniture Terms Explained

A living room is a room for reading, watching TV, entertaining guests and other activities. It is one occasional tables, bookshelves, entertainment centers, as well as other furniture like ottomans, rocking chairs, bombe chests,
electric fireplaces, home theater seatings, entertainment wall units, TV stands, lighting sources and area rugs.

Now, let’s take a look at a short list, not claiming to be exhaustive, of living room furniture terms you may not understand, although you see them often on furniture related websites.

  • Armoire – A movable wardrobe, usually with one or two doors.
  • Bookcase – Furniture with horizontal shelves, used to store books.
  • Chaise longue – An upholstered couch in the shape of a long chair to support the legs.
  • Chest – A rectangular piece of furniture with four walls and a liftable lid, used for storage.
  • Divan – A type of couch-like long seat.
  • Dresser – Furniture with multiple drawers stacked on each other.
  • Footstool – A short, wide, upholstered stool, used to allow a seated person to rest his/her feet upon it.
  • Loveseat – A smaller couch for only

Removing Your Old Sliding Glass Door

First, you have to remove the sliding panel and the stationary panel. The vast majority of doors out there have the sliding panel on the inside half of the track, and the stationary panel is on the outside. Whatever the case in your particular door, the outside panel has to come out first. To remove the fixed panel, you need to remove the sill cap that snaps into the bottom track and runs from the fixed panel to the side jamb where the sliding panel locks. Force a screwdriver into the crease and pry the cap up. Then, look for screws on the inside side jamb holding the fixed panel in place. These screws prevent someone from prying up the sill cap and pulling out the fixed panel in order to gain entry into the home. In addition to the side jamb, be sure to check across the top header and bottom track for screws there as well. Once all the screws have been removed, you need to pull the fixed panel away from the side jamb. You can start by simply grabbing the side rail of the fixed panel and pulling as hard as you can. If